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October’s New York Comic Con is steadily approaching and I have a dilemma… OMG, what to wear??? Geeks like me go about this the same way other gurls pick out prom dresses or ball gowns. By the way, I’ve picked out a ball gown before, it took me all of five minutes and my wedding dress probably took all of ten.

So, picking one’s attire for Comic Con is way more thought-provoking, and needs careful consideration. I have beaucoup de ideas. Looking cute is semi-important, I mean I’m still a girl… but I do want to be respected. No bewbs pouring out of my top, and also no zombie-like oozing gashes across my face. I want to be free to wear whatever I want, but I also don’t want to scare little children or embarrass my youngling to tears. I keep seeing Padme’s white jumpsuit from Attack of the Clones in my head, but that’s so unoriginal. Or, I could do like my mother and combine lots of my favorite things, and be completely original! Will I be a superhero, and alien, a wizard, a mystical fairy, a vampire, a female centaur, a zombie, an ork, a tv sci-fi character, a Teen Titan??? OMG, the possibilities!!

I will report back soon with my narrowed down choices. Feel free to suggest something if you’d like.


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Did you watch the season three premier of True Blood this past Sunday? If not, you are among the few and far between. The world’s vamp phenomenon experienced a major blood spewing explosion this past weekend that created a frenzy that overwhelmed even the stars of the show. I watched a few minutes of the red carpet premier prior to its start, and the amazement on the faces of the cast, made me feel as if they were floating on this cloud with me. Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason Stackhouse, mentioned how awestruck he was regarding the difference between the premier of the first season and that of the third. The satisfaction written on their faces, was like watching graduates cross the stage to receive their diplomas after working hard and wishing for success in the television business. And I was happy for them. Shoot, I was happy for me, because I was a part of it.

I want to note that I didn’t have HBO until the day before the series started. I only ordered it so I could watch True Blood (and maybe a little Entourage. Love me some Ari). When I called my cable company to pay the ridiculous $15.95 for a channel I’m only going to watch once a week, the customer service lady immediately knew why. She said, is this for True Blood? I answered, YES! And we continued to have a 5 minute conversation about how excited we both were for the new season. I love this girl by this point, up until she tried to sell me telephone service, after which I felt our relationship was over because she’d brought business into it.

So, the show is starting. The absolute best television title sequence ever, commences. We start off in the restaurant where Bill was kidnapped. We see that Sam had fled like he said he was going to, we see how everyone is dealing with the death of Tara’s boyfriend Eggs by the hands of Jason, Eric is trying to get his ass out of trouble regarding selling illegal “V”, and Jessica is up to her newborn shenanigans. The entire show is a recap of where we left off with brief snippets of what is going to happen next. Unlike every other True Blood episode I’ve watched, and I’ve seen them all, this one feels like the third book of a series of novels that has suddenly become popular and the writer is trying to get the bandwagoners on the same page. It seems flashy, the writing is not as witty, the camera shots have now become Peter Jackson-esque and we are way to close to the character’s faces. BUT, I’m in no way knocking this show. I understand the pressures of going from a cult phenom to… the new Seinfeld or Sopranos of television series. I know we have to let the bandwagoners get up to speed by watering down what our sophisticated vamp palettes are used to. BUT, I’m not giving them more than another episode for this. I want to see the True Blood I’m used to… quick wit behind every corner and dungeon wall, jaw dropping twists, and a bad ass cliffhanger at the end of every episode. Bring it on!


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Thank you for visiting… Nerdy Gurl is a blog for people trying hard NOT to fit in. Here you’ll find an alternative GEEK point of view. We discuss anything from new movies, current events, environment preservation… even vampires, Star Wars, and comic books… Please feel free to leave your expressions and ideas!

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What is this phenomenon, and why is a huge percentage of the population addicted to Twilight? Here’s my story…

I was approached at my desk by a fellow Harry Potter fan. We always spoke about our Potter addictions and he thought I would love this new book he’d just finished reading – Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. At this time my co-worker was the only person in our office who had read the book. Amazingly enough, in only six months time, that number would grow to twenty or so. Anyway, I wasn’t reading a book at the moment, so I accepted it gratefully. Umm… here’s where crazy kicks in.

Fast forward ONLY two weeks… I have now read ALL FOUR Twilight books and am deeply in love with both Edward and Jacob. Two young men who have now placed the bar so high, that no man will ever be good enough. I was past addiction. And in about six months time I will have created my own legion of Twilighters, some of them having been the biggest skeptics before opening their first book.

I finished all the books before the first movie came out, so of course I was more than dying to see this film. And who else better to play Edward than Cedric Diggory! This was like the second coming of Star Wars and LOTR. Well the absolute worst thing happened… Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella. I’d never heard of this actress before. My disappointment came as I watched the film for the first time and heard her destroy the lines from this wonderful book. I couldn’t focus on anything else during the entire movie because her acting was so horrific. Well, that’s a little dramatic. Besides, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were on the screen, HELLO! I also enjoyed how well they captured the feeling of cold and foggy Forks, Washington. The multi-cultural casting of her friends was not a representation of the real population of Forks, but yet a wonderful aspect of the film. Their witty banter was refreshing. So back to Bella. I really hope that all the feedback she’s received about her skills has motivated her to curb some of her irritating habits. If I hear her stutter or see her bite her lower lip more than twice in the upcoming New Moon, I’m bound to throw my nachos at the screen.

I am so excited for the future installments, i.e. Dakota Fanning as Jane and Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, as well as the introduction of the Volturi. And for the band-wagoners that consider themselves Twilighters but have yet to open one book, well, I guess I’m just going to have to live with you.

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So, what are you doing now that you’ve finished Harry Potter VII, and it’s now collecting dust on your bookshelf? Or now that you’ve read all four Twilight books at light speed and your pulse is finally leveling? Well if you’re like me, you are probably debating on re-reading them or looking for substitutes to fill the void. I’ve produced a list of books that may interest you if you are a Potter or Twilight fan. Please feel free to offer suggestions of your own. Everyone always welcomes a new fantasy world to get lost in, and a new leading man to fall for.

If you liked the Harry Potter books, then you may like theses:

  • The Hobbit by J.R. Tolkien


  • The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman


  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling


  • A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin


  • The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley


If you liked the Twilight books, then you may like these:

  • The Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse Novels) by Charlaine Harris


  • The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith


  • The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice


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Feeding on a sexual conquest, fresh warm blood soaking one’s lips, and then secretly leaving the lifeless body knowing there would be no consequence. This was the lure of vampire literature and film for myself. And just like a vampire, once I’d accepted the fact that I could condone such violence and evil, that was when I could fully indulge in the vampire world without guilt.

I have seen people go in many different directions with this phenomenon, from mild addiction to what I’d consider to be the extreme. From simple Halloween costumes, Comic Con migrations and enduring five hour lines for book signings to the implanting of permanent fangs in their mouths and tattooing vampire cult images on their backs. I’ve even had dinner with a real life vampire hunter that would tell you without blinking an eye that he battles them from time to time using just his mind. All in all, you must admit that vampire culture is stimulating and mysterious.

I remember reading my first Anne Rice book as a teen and believing that this seductive, bloody, and dark genre of literature was in some way catapulting my young mind into adulthood. I thirsted for more although my Christian upbringing was telling me it was wrong to do so. I would secretly debate which choice I would make if I were to one day meet Lestat, and given the choice between mortality or everlasting life.

Now a days it seems as if vampires have themselves, been given new life. Recent books and movies have attracted a whole gamma of mortals desiring eternity. It may be because these new, more modern bloodsuckers have a gentler approach to “living”, by only feeding off animals or consuming synthetic blood. There are also new leading men with softer sides that are making cheerleaders and housewives crave for their bites. Many older vampire fans have  adverse feelings towards these new non-goth band wagoners. I on the other hand, am just appreciative for the increase in vampire literature, films and quality television shows. The uprising of vamp love and the new fang-banger wannabees have shined light on vampire classics. You can now find a whole section in Barnes & Nobles dedicated to the undead.

So, I will admit that I root for Team Edward… or Team Jacob (haven’t made up my mind). I don’t care, it’s my blog and I’ll Twilight if I want to. I am a vamp geek with deep roots, that participates in the mysterious fun… all the while respecting that which I do not fully understand. +V^^^V+

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