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October’s New York Comic Con is steadily approaching and I have a dilemma… OMG, what to wear??? Geeks like me go about this the same way other gurls pick out prom dresses or ball gowns. By the way, I’ve picked out a ball gown before, it took me all of five minutes and my wedding dress probably took all of ten.

So, picking one’s attire for Comic Con is way more thought-provoking, and needs careful consideration. I have beaucoup de ideas. Looking cute is semi-important, I mean I’m still a girl… but I do want to be respected. No bewbs pouring out of my top, and also no zombie-like oozing gashes across my face. I want to be free to wear whatever I want, but I also don’t want to scare little children or embarrass my youngling to tears. I keep seeing Padme’s white jumpsuit from Attack of the Clones in my head, but that’s so unoriginal. Or, I could do like my mother and combine lots of my favorite things, and be completely original! Will I be a superhero, and alien, a wizard, a mystical fairy, a vampire, a female centaur, a zombie, an ork, a tv sci-fi character, a Teen Titan??? OMG, the possibilities!!

I will report back soon with my narrowed down choices. Feel free to suggest something if you’d like.


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Sand dunes, robots and an old guy in a brown robe? Nothing put me to sleep faster when I was a kid. Those shiny, white, big-headed soldiers… no thank you. I was part of the generation of 80’s girls that is now single-handedly responsible for fostering what is known as “pop culture” in America, i.e. the total decline of society. My mother was, and still is, a Star Wars fanatic, and truthfully I really didn’t get it back then. She still attends premieres and parties sporting a cape, black boots and plastic futuristic weaponry. And although I wasn’t feeling it as a child, it did finally hit me one day. As did 70’s folk, slasher movies and dim sum – and I became obsessed with it.

Just prior to the 1997 re-release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, George Lucas and his Industrial Light & Magic team grabbed hold of my heart, squeezed it with a black pleather glove and haven’t let go. And since then, I have been a self-proclaimed member of the coolest club in Movieland.

Like many fans before me, Luke Skywalker became my hero, Obi-Wan my mentor and Darth Vader the enemy I strangely wanted to screw. It could be the lack of a father figure as a child, but that’s a Dark Side Cave I’ll enter at a later date. I experienced a mass marketed spiritual revelation brought on by the obvious, and sometimes obscure theology in the Jedi storyline. Elaborate costumes, wizardry, humanoid aliens and a thumping soundtrack would now set a high bar regarding the B-rated special effect movies hollywood would thereafter try to dumb me into enjoying. My love for the Star Wars saga is a part of my genetic make-up, which was bound to surface like the freckles under my eyes… and like it or not, I am my mother’s child.

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