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I have recently become a contributor to the tech news blog “for the computing masses” – Geek Shui Living. It was founded by Justin E. Gehrke, an accomplished Information Technology Consultant with more than twelve years of experience in the complex and constantly evolving world of Information Technology and Information Systems Security.

Geek Shui is a modern derivative of the ancient art of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement within a space. This careful placement and arrangement seeks to help one achieve harmony with the environment around them. Geek Shui incorporates many of these same principles, with the evolving virtual world of Information Technology.”

Justin, or Sensei @GeekShui as I call him, asked if I would like to contribute to GSL. He is on a continual quest to gather geek tech writers, in hopes of sharing articles that are inspirational and informative. When I mentioned that I had no tech background, he welcomed my “geek culture” articles and quips, and said there was a place for me at Geek Shui. Listed below are a few of my articles. Please enjoy them as well as those of my co-writers @ Geek Shui Living

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on Nerdy Gurl Blog do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Geek Shui Living or it’s writing contributors.


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I deactivated my Facebook account last week and so far… I do not regret my decision. Ahhhhhh… is all I have to say. Originally, I was worried about deleting my account because of fear of losing touch with  friends and family.  You can probably relate, but it took a long time to find many of them, and the joy of reuniting was wonderful. I had also taken a lot of time to post, caption and catagorize hundreds of shared photos. But just like any attachment to something addicting, I said “screw” it one day and just deleted it all. Because bottom line – I was tired of letting information funneling through this worthless technology, make me feel bad. And I figured, the people who truly meant something to me would keep in touch and vice versa.

Here are a few reasons behind my FB account termination:

  1. I was tired of logging in at the beginning of my beautiful day, and being bombarded with someone’s negative rantings about their baby momma(s) or their UTI’s.
  2. I was tired of feeling like some sort of freak nerd when no one, except Kae P, would get my odd sense of humor.
  3. I was tired of being berated by other people’s religion and dogma.
  4. I was tired of feeling like a zoo animal on display by people who “friend request” you and then never, ever interact.
  5. I was tired of the jealousy that erupted because of knowing TOO much about lives which I should no longer have any insight, i.e. former relationships.
  6. I was tired of my MOTHER making embarrassing comments on my page as well as her need to “friend request” my friends and ex-boyfriends. Because of this, we ended up having 30-something friends in common (slaps forehead)!
  7. I was tired of self-admitting myself into Facebook rehab and then cheating by logging in, and feeling dirty afterwards.
  8. I was tired of the public relation campaigns being run by my housewife friends, trying to convince us that their failing marriages are happily ever after.
  9. I was pretty much just tired of being tired of Facebook.

Phew… it’s so nice to get rid of all that and much more. My circle of friends had grown from a very small (10) to almost 200 and I was becoming more and more miserable by the day. So, now it’s back to the simple life… you know… email, text messaging, instant messaging, twitter and phone calls.

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