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October’s New York Comic Con is steadily approaching and I have a dilemma… OMG, what to wear??? Geeks like me go about this the same way other gurls pick out prom dresses or ball gowns. By the way, I’ve picked out a ball gown before, it took me all of five minutes and my wedding dress probably took all of ten.

So, picking one’s attire for Comic Con is way more thought-provoking, and needs careful consideration. I have beaucoup de ideas. Looking cute is semi-important, I mean I’m still a girl… but I do want to be respected. No bewbs pouring out of my top, and also no zombie-like oozing gashes across my face. I want to be free to wear whatever I want, but I also don’t want to scare little children or embarrass my youngling to tears. I keep seeing Padme’s white jumpsuit from Attack of the Clones in my head, but that’s so unoriginal. Or, I could do like my mother and combine lots of my favorite things, and be completely original! Will I be a superhero, and alien, a wizard, a mystical fairy, a vampire, a female centaur, a zombie, an ork, a tv sci-fi character, a Teen Titan??? OMG, the possibilities!!

I will report back soon with my narrowed down choices. Feel free to suggest something if you’d like.


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Here’s what I’ve come across in my recent attempt to network with other geeks. I’ve found that you can’t run into a gurl geek without simultaneously running into a feminist – they are one in the same. Anyone with a brain can figure out, the reason they are feminists is because they have had to fight for respect in the male dominated genres of comic books, action and sci-fi films, video games and the world of technology and science – easy enough. They’ve had to prove that their love and passion for all things geek, is as legitimate as anyone’s with a penis. An unfortunate result of this is that many geek gurls become consumed by their quest for equality. During their mission to have their male counterparts look them in their glasses instead of at their boobs, they have forgotten the very reasons they were honored with a geek status in the first place – at the end of the day, we tomboy geek girls don’t, and never did care about what anyone thought about what we love to do.

My fellow sisters, you think it’s a bad thing when geek guys make fun of your love of hot vampires, well… many of you do love hot vampires. AND most of the geek guys making fun of you for it, if given a magical potion from one of their geek games, would drink it in order to look like that hot vampire.

You think you’ve got it bad, try being a minority female geek who’s spent their entire life trying to prove they’re the real deal. A quest, not only to prove ones self in the nerd world, but also to prove… we possess the ability to eat with chopsticks, we love alfalfa sprouts, we spend time listening to Silverchair and the Beatles, we tan on the beach, and have seen every episode of Seinfeld!

During my years as part of this male dominated stereotypical society, I’ve learned to not give a shit about what people think about me, what I like, who I love nor the reasons why I do what I do. Live by that philosophy and you’ll live a more peaceful life.

All hail GEEK GURLS!

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Crafting… it’s no longer your grandmother’s hobby. These days it’s all about doing projects that make you feel happy and imaginative. Besides Barnes & Nobles, Michael’s craft store is now my favorite place to spend my money. If you’re not crafting, try it out. Spend an hour in a craft store and find yourself a small project. You may find the painter, wedding cake maker or model plane builder you wanted to be when you were younger, may still exist inside.

I must admit, crafting seemed very “not me” a few years ago. That’s because I’ve always been a guy’s girl. I loved watching football, drinking beer and watching sci-fi – that was that. I’d never stepped foot in a craft store. Then one day I moved across the street from a very ingenious and crafty Gurl. Her own creations were throughout her home. I became super interested in learning how to do these projects myself. I had abandoned my creative side a long time ago and loved that her home was personalized with her own creative expressions. My new friend Raquel taught me how do many of these craft projects and I’ve been hooked ever since. My most favorite being the coffee table I bought from the Salvation Army, restored and decoupaged with a print of my favorite art work. Not only does crafting allow you the opportunity to feel pride in your completed work, it’s also a great way to unwind and spend some quality “me” time.

A few craft projects that might interest you:

  • Small wood projects – wall decorations and keep sake boxes

  • Watercolor and Acrylic Painting

  • Jewelry Making

  • Cake Decoration

  • Scrapbooking

  • Commemorative Shadowboxes

  • Ikebana – Japanese Flower Arrangement

If you’re not crafting… get into it… and if you are crafting, maybe try something new! Send us your pics! Here’s a picture of my table!


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This is the age of the QUIRKY GAL. No more is there the need to be cut out or carbon copied from a mold that requires you to hide the unique things that you love – to pretend to like things that you don’t.

All hail the girl who collects football memorabilia from Superbowl XXI, that’s seen every 007 movie at least five times, and has the entire catalog of the Simpsons on VHS and DVD. All hail Brunettes, dread locks, natural blonds and fire engine red mohawks. It’s OK to love both the Beastie Boys and Seinfeld. Rock those pink leg warmers and hobo gloves, and don’t be afraid to show him that you can hang with him in Halo and Call of Duty. Be a “Hermione” and raise your hand each time you know the answer. Go ahead and talk, talk, talk your butt of about global warming and economic indicators on the first date. Ummm… or maybe limit the talking just a bit.

Guys these days are also realizing that girls with interests beside shopping, grooming themselves and sitting underneath their boyfriends are out there and actually more fun to spend their time with. I asked some of my guy friends what they thought about Nerdy Gurls. Here’s a few inspirational quotes:

Prince Deon Fisher (Columbia, MO) – “I cant explain it… I think it has something to do with that Brains and Beauty combo that everyone wants. Like the sexy librarian, so if she wears glasses and graduated with the National honors Society, shes cool in my book!”

Mark Brown (Orlando, FL) – “They are underrated, wild on the low and not high maintenance. You can actually have a conversation with them that has substance. When they take off the glasses and put down the book, they’re usually sexy as hell. Bottom line…..They’re a surprise!!!”

Eriq Cook (Denver, CO) – “I like nerdy girls because they’re hot, lol. Nothing turns me on more than a girl who stays on top of her business and knows a lot about things. And when you have the whole package (brains & looks), look out! :)”

Ras Hafeez (Waimea, HI) – “[Guys like nerdy girls] maybe because nerdy girls are intellectual, thoughtful, sweeter and probably more passionate lovers.”

Jay Levins (Chicago, IL) – “I like all kinds of girls. I think guys like nerdy girls because most (not all, 99% though) nerdy girls give off the impression that they are really shy and introverted, but behind closed doors they are really naughty and freaky. The thing that attracts guys to nerdy type girls is that they really want to find out. Plus I think that nerdy type girls are much more fun to pursue. They keep you on your toes because they are often quiet and seem shy so it can be harder to figure out what they are thinking.”

There you have it ladies!!

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Skateboards… what is it about them? I’m probably not in the majority, but there’s something about an older guy riding a skateboard that gets my loins a vibratin’. See, I’m not talking about the young ones that ride boards all day and play XBOX with their homies while drinking tall boys. I’m talking about the older guy with a career, maybe even wears a suit, that enjoys jumping on his board once in a while for a trip to the beach to watch a sunset. Or the older one that likes to ride his board after a meeting, and swerve in between the foot traffic. Older pro-skaters like Tony Hawk (age 41) and Rob Dyrdek (age 35) make this Nerdy Gurl swoon.

I think it has to do with the fact that they still have a fun, child-like side that they are not afraid to embrace. Guys like this don’t care what “The Man” thinks, and aren’t trying to conform. Skateboarding wasn’t just an adolescent trend they participated in when they wanted to fit in, it’s something they still enjoy because it’s a part of who they are.

My fascination probably started with my freshman year boyfriend. Once he and his skateboard went through the second floor window of our college dorm, he was deemed a god by the female undergrads. He was a rebel and a fool at the same time. And since then, if “skateboarder” is listed in his bio (the same goes for the love of candle lit dinners and medieval festivals) I’m hooked.

Therefore, I am not jealous of bony supermodels, I’m jealous of the skater chick that can ollie with the best of them. I myself had a skateboard when I was ten, but I mainly rode down steep hills whilst sitting on my butt. I think it’s my lack of fondness for cement that’s lead to my disinterest in mastering the sport. But in my experience, a good old… “I’d love to try it sometime if you want to teach me”, is all these guys really need to hear.

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