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October’s New York Comic Con is steadily approaching and I have a dilemma… OMG, what to wear??? Geeks like me go about this the same way other gurls pick out prom dresses or ball gowns. By the way, I’ve picked out a ball gown before, it took me all of five minutes and my wedding dress probably took all of ten.

So, picking one’s attire for Comic Con is way more thought-provoking, and needs careful consideration. I have beaucoup de ideas. Looking cute is semi-important, I mean I’m still a girl… but I do want to be respected. No bewbs pouring out of my top, and also no zombie-like oozing gashes across my face. I want to be free to wear whatever I want, but I also don’t want to scare little children or embarrass my youngling to tears. I keep seeing Padme’s white jumpsuit from Attack of the Clones in my head, but that’s so unoriginal. Or, I could do like my mother and combine lots of my favorite things, and be completely original! Will I be a superhero, and alien, a wizard, a mystical fairy, a vampire, a female centaur, a zombie, an ork, a tv sci-fi character, a Teen Titan??? OMG, the possibilities!!

I will report back soon with my narrowed down choices. Feel free to suggest something if you’d like.


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Here’s what I’ve come across in my recent attempt to network with other geeks. I’ve found that you can’t run into a gurl geek without simultaneously running into a feminist – they are one in the same. Anyone with a brain can figure out, the reason they are feminists is because they have had to fight for respect in the male dominated genres of comic books, action and sci-fi films, video games and the world of technology and science – easy enough. They’ve had to prove that their love and passion for all things geek, is as legitimate as anyone’s with a penis. An unfortunate result of this is that many geek gurls become consumed by their quest for equality. During their mission to have their male counterparts look them in their glasses instead of at their boobs, they have forgotten the very reasons they were honored with a geek status in the first place – at the end of the day, we tomboy geek girls don’t, and never did care about what anyone thought about what we love to do.

My fellow sisters, you think it’s a bad thing when geek guys make fun of your love of hot vampires, well… many of you do love hot vampires. AND most of the geek guys making fun of you for it, if given a magical potion from one of their geek games, would drink it in order to look like that hot vampire.

You think you’ve got it bad, try being a minority female geek who’s spent their entire life trying to prove they’re the real deal. A quest, not only to prove ones self in the nerd world, but also to prove… we possess the ability to eat with chopsticks, we love alfalfa sprouts, we spend time listening to Silverchair and the Beatles, we tan on the beach, and have seen every episode of Seinfeld!

During my years as part of this male dominated stereotypical society, I’ve learned to not give a shit about what people think about me, what I like, who I love nor the reasons why I do what I do. Live by that philosophy and you’ll live a more peaceful life.

All hail GEEK GURLS!

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