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I have recently become a contributor to the tech news blog “for the computing masses” – Geek Shui Living. It was founded by Justin E. Gehrke, an accomplished Information Technology Consultant with more than twelve years of experience in the complex and constantly evolving world of Information Technology and Information Systems Security.

Geek Shui is a modern derivative of the ancient art of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement within a space. This careful placement and arrangement seeks to help one achieve harmony with the environment around them. Geek Shui incorporates many of these same principles, with the evolving virtual world of Information Technology.”

Justin, or Sensei @GeekShui as I call him, asked if I would like to contribute to GSL. He is on a continual quest to gather geek tech writers, in hopes of sharing articles that are inspirational and informative. When I mentioned that I had no tech background, he welcomed my “geek culture” articles and quips, and said there was a place for me at Geek Shui. Listed below are a few of my articles. Please enjoy them as well as those of my co-writers @ Geek Shui Living

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on Nerdy Gurl Blog do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Geek Shui Living or it’s writing contributors.

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One way to feel like a responsible citizen of the planet is to raise environmentally conscious children and/or influence the children close to you. Here are a few things we practice in my home:

Teaching my children to respect all animals and nature by never killing bugs in or outside the house. We always make an effort to either transfer them out of the house with a piece of paper or let them be. When I hear shouts of, “kill it mommy!” I teach my children to respect the life of all beings. When we are playing outdoors, I pick up worms and bugs and place them in their hands. I try to teach them not to fear or dominate other living creatures, to be gentle with life. When they make comments about an animal/insect’s appearance, “Ehew he’s ugly”, I teach them that beauty is relative and some other animal on the planet is attracted to it. Then I throw in, “Look at your ears, the caterpillar probably thinks they’re funny looking”.

Children will learn to respect the land if we teach them the importance of picking up litter. We allow plants and flowers to live instead of picking them or cutting them down. This is hard when you have a child who always wants to give you picked flowers. I just say “thank you”, and remind them that I can only enjoy them for a short time due to fact that it will soon wilt and die. When we are on an outing, and I can stop the picking before hand, I say… “I think we should let the flowers live and allow other people to enjoy them”. I believe this lesson teaches them to value the life of plants and the importance of keeping their habitats clean.

Conservation is something children can easily help out with at home. You can teach them to conserve water by turning off the faucet while brushing teeth, letting two small children share a bath, and remind them to turn off lights and the television when not in use.

Recycle, recycle, recycle… allow them to take part in this process at home. Have an extra garbage receptacle or bag for your recyclables and have your children help with sorting. Reuse zip-lock bags and containers from take-out restaurants. Have them give their out-grown clothing to a Goodwill or Salvation Army.

The biggest thing we can do to show our children how to be environmentally responsible, is to practice what we preach – being examples of positive planetary citizens ourselves. Consistency with these behaviors and lessons like the ones above will produce eco-friendly offspring 🙂

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