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The majority of us as we get older, tend to slip into mundane routines and don’t explore different ways to entertain ourselves. We also forget to nourish our inner child with exploration.

On the weekends we do the same things – going to the movies, shopping at the mall, lying on the beach, watching sports, or hitting the clubs. But if you’re like me, you seek variety – something fresh and new to do with your time. You may also be in a relationship and seek simple, creative things to do with your partner – activities that make you feel good, and are inexpensive.

Here are a few carefree, low budget activities we Nerdy Gurls do in our spare time for fun. Enjoy these activities alone, with your children or with a close friend. If you have ideas of your own feel free to leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. Live life with a passion!

  • Flying a kite at a local park or beach
  • Looking for seashells or sea stones
  • Nature walks or hikes
  • Going to the library (not only can you check out books but there are also movies, music, weekly artwork rentals. You can even listen to a lecture.)
  • Taking advantage of free days at the museum or zoo
  • Cruising an antique bookstore or record store for collectables
  • Bicycling at a local scenic area – forrest trails, beach or mountains paths, etc.
  • Purchasing a fixer-upper at a thrift store or yard sale
  • Crafting, crocheting or knitting
  • Enjoying a free ferry ride
  • Volunteering in your neighborhood
  • Hunting for mushrooms (I know it’s a stretch, but I’m a nerd)
  • If you are not near a body of water, swimming at a local pool for a day
  • Ice skating
  • Shooting pool or darts at a pub
  • Tie dying old t-shirts, jeans, etc.


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Crafting… it’s no longer your grandmother’s hobby. These days it’s all about doing projects that make you feel happy and imaginative. Besides Barnes & Nobles, Michael’s craft store is now my favorite place to spend my money. If you’re not crafting, try it out. Spend an hour in a craft store and find yourself a small project. You may find the painter, wedding cake maker or model plane builder you wanted to be when you were younger, may still exist inside.

I must admit, crafting seemed very “not me” a few years ago. That’s because I’ve always been a guy’s girl. I loved watching football, drinking beer and watching sci-fi – that was that. I’d never stepped foot in a craft store. Then one day I moved across the street from a very ingenious and crafty Gurl. Her own creations were throughout her home. I became super interested in learning how to do these projects myself. I had abandoned my creative side a long time ago and loved that her home was personalized with her own creative expressions. My new friend Raquel taught me how do many of these craft projects and I’ve been hooked ever since. My most favorite being the coffee table I bought from the Salvation Army, restored and decoupaged with a print of my favorite art work. Not only does crafting allow you the opportunity to feel pride in your completed work, it’s also a great way to unwind and spend some quality “me” time.

A few craft projects that might interest you:

  • Small wood projects – wall decorations and keep sake boxes

  • Watercolor and Acrylic Painting

  • Jewelry Making

  • Cake Decoration

  • Scrapbooking

  • Commemorative Shadowboxes

  • Ikebana – Japanese Flower Arrangement

If you’re not crafting… get into it… and if you are crafting, maybe try something new! Send us your pics! Here’s a picture of my table!


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