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One way to feel like a responsible citizen of the planet is to raise environmentally conscious children and/or influence the children close to you. Here are a few things we practice in my home:

Teaching my children to respect all animals and nature by never killing bugs in or outside the house. We always make an effort to either transfer them out of the house with a piece of paper or let them be. When I hear shouts of, “kill it mommy!” I teach my children to respect the life of all beings. When we are playing outdoors, I pick up worms and bugs and place them in their hands. I try to teach them not to fear or dominate other living creatures, to be gentle with life. When they make comments about an animal/insect’s appearance, “Ehew he’s ugly”, I teach them that beauty is relative and some other animal on the planet is attracted to it. Then I throw in, “Look at your ears, the caterpillar probably thinks they’re funny looking”.

Children will learn to respect the land if we teach them the importance of picking up litter. We allow plants and flowers to live instead of picking them or cutting them down. This is hard when you have a child who always wants to give you picked flowers. I just say “thank you”, and remind them that I can only enjoy them for a short time due to fact that it will soon wilt and die. When we are on an outing, and I can stop the picking before hand, I say… “I think we should let the flowers live and allow other people to enjoy them”. I believe this lesson teaches them to value the life of plants and the importance of keeping their habitats clean.

Conservation is something children can easily help out with at home. You can teach them to conserve water by turning off the faucet while brushing teeth, letting two small children share a bath, and remind them to turn off lights and the television when not in use.

Recycle, recycle, recycle… allow them to take part in this process at home. Have an extra garbage receptacle or bag for your recyclables and have your children help with sorting. Reuse zip-lock bags and containers from take-out restaurants. Have them give their out-grown clothing to a Goodwill or Salvation Army.

The biggest thing we can do to show our children how to be environmentally responsible, is to practice what we preach – being examples of positive planetary citizens ourselves. Consistency with these behaviors and lessons like the ones above will produce eco-friendly offspring 🙂

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Some of you know Greenpeace as a radical organization that chases large ocean vessels in order to SAVE THE WHALES. Well, you’re right and they still do that but they also do a lot of other things in a quest to save the planet. Even if you don’t follow or donate to their cause, you should give thanks and recognition to this non-profit organization fighting for future of the planet and the sustainability of all life on earth.

If you didn’t already know, here are the five main issues Greenpeace focuses on:

  1. Global Warming and Energy – Greenpeace educates the public about the realities of climate change and the struggles we are facing because of it. They out people, corporations and government entities that are guilty of endangering our environmental well being. They have professional negotiators, scientists and policy experts that attend world climate conferences and persuade decision makers to take action. They also work side-by-side many other organizations, companies and governments who are also fighting for the same cause.
  2. Oceans – They are responsible for the creation of a network of no-take marine reserves, protecting 40 percent of the world’s oceans, as the long-term solution to the overfishing of tuna, pollock and other species, and the recovery of our overexploited oceans. They protect these reserves as well as ocean wildlife.
  3. Forests – Greenpeace has brought to light and fought against the destruction of forests all over the planet due to deforestation. They have also started Forests for Climate, a groundbreaking Greenpeace proposal to protect tropical forests through an innovative international fund. From the Congo to the Amazon, Forests for Climate provides a practical way to conserve tropical forests to stop global warming while protecting indigenous peoples and life on Earth.
  4. Nuclear – Informing the public that nuclear power is unsafe, uneconomical, and unnecessary. Providing alternatives for powering our homes that are fast, safe, and affordable. You can check their website for reports and fact sheets. They also provide a nuclear plant locator to see if a reactor is in your backyard.
  5. Toxins – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has identified 6,300 chemical facilities as “high-risk.” Given the magnitude of this information, the risk of attack due to terrorism and the widespread availability of safer chemicals and processes, it would be irresponsible of Congress to fail to make safety a requirement. Greenpeace advocates for the government to require the plants to convert to the safest available technologies. Once safer technologies are adopted, the plant will no longer pose a catastrophic risk even if it is successfully attacked or has an accidental release.

If you want more information on how to get involved or donate to Greenpeace, you can visit their website: http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/getinvolved.

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There is the continual debate whether or not one can call themselves an environmentalist if they are a meat eater. The way animals (primarily pork and beef) are raised and treated because of our gargantuan industrialized factory farming, there is a negative impact on the planet. There are issues surrounding animal cruelty, the hormones they are injected, the large amounts of waste and methane gas produced, as well as our ingestion of the sugary corn being fed to the animals instead of grass. America’s addiction to fast-food restaurants is being blamed for the massive amounts of meat production and consumption.

I always want to live a balanced life in regards to how I treat the planet supplying me with the wonderful life I am allowed to enjoy. I know that unless I want to run away to a self-sustaining Eco-friendly compound in the middle of nowhere and make my own compost, I have to participate in some of the habits that are slowly destroying our planet. I generally believe it is not wrong to be a meat eater, but I am not sure if we can continue to live that way in today’s time. Not even a blessing at the dinner table, thanking the animal that has lost its life, seems to relieve the guilt anymore.

So, can you call yourself an environmentalist if you eat meat ? What about if you eat local, sustainably raised meat? How does one remain a meat eater and not contribute to the injustices committed by the farming industry?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Cute Cow

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Citizens of our planet… I dare not call myself the most mindful environmentalist, but just like hybrid cars, there are so many obvious things we could be doing to make a drastic change regarding the wellbeing of our planet. Today I am going to give you just THREE things you can start with:

  1. Start bringing your own bags to the store. I’ve actually started collecting bags from different stores as if it’s a new hobby. Maybe try that for motivation . In order to remember to bring them, I keep them everywhere. My friends and family will admit to how anal I am about this. I keep them by the front door, in the trunk AND back seat of my car and in the bottom draw of my desk at work. This makes them easily accessible and constantly visible for remembering. I give them away as gifts as well. When I am returning items I’ve borrowed or bringing food and wine over to a friend’s, I use a canvas bag and leave it with them in hopes that they will use it.
  2. When you go to the store to buy a new cleaning product, dish or laundry detergent… BUY GREEN. I’m not saying dump all the stuff you already have, just buy green when it’s time for a refill. It is better for your family’s heath and for the environment. Everything we use in our sinks, tubs, on our grass, etc. gets washed into our rivers and oceans. These chemicals are harmful to us as well as plants and animals.
  3. And lastly for today, when you are replacing your light bulbs, next time grab the longer lasting (and yes a little more expensive) energy-saving light bulbs. Obviously, they use less energy and they last a lifetime. If they break, there is usually a warranty.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but many people are not contributing to helping the cause. Let’s do a little because as the cliche says, it goes a long way… as I type all this on my very toxic laptop.


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I found this jewel on Twitter.  They are a group of “green women bloggers” sharing multiple daily tweets that give helpful information on how to “preserve and protect Mother Earth for future generations”. Whether you are a mother or not, there is a plethora of facts and environmental insights about products and living habits that you will find useful.  Their tweets provide links to outside articles as well as to their blog on the Organic Mania website. Check them out and enjoy!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Greenmoms

Blog: http://organicmania.com/green-moms-carnival/

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When I started this blog I didn’t want it to become a forum for politic debate or expression. I would like to keep the vibe whimsical and fun 🙂 There is however, a very important topic I would love to welcome you to discuss… the environment and its conservation. From time to time I will provide links, articles and opinions hoping to receive the same from those that visit Nerdy Gurl.

Green Spotlight

GREEN ENERGY GURU BLOG. I visit this twitter site everyday, it’s one of my favorite. It is filled with a wonderful amount of information surrounding green issues and welcomes light and informative debate. The blog’s author is Curran Oi, an MIT student whose quest is to provide the best green energy information to those around the world. Stop by, and don’t forget to bring a container, ’cause he’s serving knowledge!

Here’s the link: http://www.greenenergyguru.net/Blog/Blog.html

Twitter address: http://twitter.com/genergyguru

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