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Thank you for visiting… Nerdy Gurl is a blog for people trying hard NOT to fit in. Here you’ll find an alternative GEEK point of view. We discuss anything from new movies, current events, environment preservation… even vampires, Star Wars, and comic books… Please feel free to leave your expressions and ideas!

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Today I read an article about the Top Ten Geek Guys… rather disappointing. I only agreed with two of the entries and therefore felt a compelling need to create my own list. I take this subject rather seriously because of my multiple celebrity crushes – many of them geeks. So this is my Top 10 Geek Guys in no particular order. Even if you don’t agree with them all, at least enjoy the view or weigh in on the matter.

Well, maybe the first one is my favorite 🙂 drumroll please: Shia LaBeouf, Wil Wheaton, Jordan Gordon-Levitt, John Cho, Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Adam Samberg, Justin Long, Michael Cera, Seth Green and Kevin Connolly.


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I have recently become a contributor to the tech news blog “for the computing masses” – Geek Shui Living. It was founded by Justin E. Gehrke, an accomplished Information Technology Consultant with more than twelve years of experience in the complex and constantly evolving world of Information Technology and Information Systems Security.

Geek Shui is a modern derivative of the ancient art of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement within a space. This careful placement and arrangement seeks to help one achieve harmony with the environment around them. Geek Shui incorporates many of these same principles, with the evolving virtual world of Information Technology.”

Justin, or Sensei @GeekShui as I call him, asked if I would like to contribute to GSL. He is on a continual quest to gather geek tech writers, in hopes of sharing articles that are inspirational and informative. When I mentioned that I had no tech background, he welcomed my “geek culture” articles and quips, and said there was a place for me at Geek Shui. Listed below are a few of my articles. Please enjoy them as well as those of my co-writers @ Geek Shui Living

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on Nerdy Gurl Blog do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Geek Shui Living or it’s writing contributors.

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