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The Evolution of GEEK

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus…

 The evolution of GEEK – where is it going, where did YOU come from in particular? I was thinking about this question this morning. Geekdom, to analogize the term, is like Sherwood Forest – a place where outcasts retreated because they no longer (or never did) fit into the “modern times” of their era. We come from all over… there are geeks born into their handicap, as if sprung from the womb with a graphing calculator and an inkling for constructing 3D video games from basic binary code. You have your vampire, werewolves and comic book freaks, sort of stuck in the middle of things… they typically have a cooler fashion sense but still possess the desire to stab pencils in the necks of head cheerleaders and football jocks. Then you have generational geeks like me, raised in households of Thornbirds and Godzilla and taken to Star Wars premiers. Homes where dinner conversations about Thor and Superman were not uncommon. So which one were you? How did you come to Sherwood Forest?

Moreover, where is Geekdom going? I am perpetuating the lifestyle by turning my offspring into future geeks. I think it is a great alternative to a life of drugs, crime and beauty pageants. I have made Geekdom cool in my house and immerse my prawns in all things NERD. The only PG-13 movies my kids are allowed to watch are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR and Harry Potter… I know, I have a problem. They speed through books like crack addicts, and have been playing video games since age 3.

So, although it seems as if Sherwood Forest is growing in inhabitants, it will never become Main Street or Pleasantville. Where did you immigrate from?


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