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Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood


Crank this too!

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Oldie but a goodie! Crank it up!

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Rainy Saturday mornings were made for cartoons and Godzilla. Always have been and always will be. No, I don’t want to see a better Godzilla movie (although G-2000 was kind of cool)… out-of-sync dialogue, corny special effects and repeating the same story with a different monster. They’re campy and ridiculous. Dare I say it in these socially conscious times, they’re mindless vacations and I can’t get enough.

You can’t watch just one, it’s better when you watch 2 or 3 in a row with only a quick trip to the kitchen in between. You get to root for the bad/good guy (sometimes the line is blurry) and every now and again the cute little fat kid actually makes sense in the story. How about the costumes? The alien outfits are always tight, the black and white jumpsuits with the cool eye-slit sunglasses, freakin’ ridiculous. And the twins that fit inside your pocket….totally sexy!

Can’t figure out how the Americans fit in? Are they speaking English when they film or are there really that many Japanese speaking blond-haired C-list actors? Yeah, and how does a fax machine work? Some mysteries are best left alone and simply enjoyed. All I’m saying is look in the back of closet, find a Godzilla video, dust it off and pop it in the ‘ole VCR. If you lost your mind and gave in to someone who nagged you to get rid of those old things, go to any Blockbuster. You can always find one on sale for $5 bucks. You deserve a little mindless vacation!

Not hip to Big O? We’ll talk about that next time!

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Citizens of our planet… I dare not call myself the most mindful environmentalist, but just like hybrid cars, there are so many obvious things we could be doing to make a drastic change regarding the wellbeing of our planet. Today I am going to give you just THREE things you can start with:

  1. Start bringing your own bags to the store. I’ve actually started collecting bags from different stores as if it’s a new hobby. Maybe try that for motivation . In order to remember to bring them, I keep them everywhere. My friends and family will admit to how anal I am about this. I keep them by the front door, in the trunk AND back seat of my car and in the bottom draw of my desk at work. This makes them easily accessible and constantly visible for remembering. I give them away as gifts as well. When I am returning items I’ve borrowed or bringing food and wine over to a friend’s, I use a canvas bag and leave it with them in hopes that they will use it.
  2. When you go to the store to buy a new cleaning product, dish or laundry detergent… BUY GREEN. I’m not saying dump all the stuff you already have, just buy green when it’s time for a refill. It is better for your family’s heath and for the environment. Everything we use in our sinks, tubs, on our grass, etc. gets washed into our rivers and oceans. These chemicals are harmful to us as well as plants and animals.
  3. And lastly for today, when you are replacing your light bulbs, next time grab the longer lasting (and yes a little more expensive) energy-saving light bulbs. Obviously, they use less energy and they last a lifetime. If they break, there is usually a warranty.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but many people are not contributing to helping the cause. Let’s do a little because as the cliche says, it goes a long way… as I type all this on my very toxic laptop.


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This has got to be one of my ultimate favorites of his! Check it…

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“Where the wild things Are” Spike Jonze’s movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s children’s book is a marvelous expansion of the original story.

I was one that had off-handedly dismissed the idea of this movie being plausible much less any good. Giant puppets with James Gandolfini as a hairy monster in a child’s story, thank you, but no thanks. Remarkably, Spike Jonze has made a great movie. He has kept the movie true and simplistic making Max, played by Max Records, and his raw and unchecked anger the focal point of the movie. He moves seamlessly thru the story expanding on the characters yet not distorting the original essence of the book.

Max is adeptly portrayed as rage, longing and confusion all wrapped up in a little boy. The wild things themselves are expressive giants. Their eyes, bulbous and runny noses communicate their individual personalities. Jonze does not overkill the movie with super animation or slick robotics. He leaves the characters as he does the story true to its origin.

The musical score was the ideal complement to the movie. Uncomplicated, energetic, childlike and subtle it fit perfectly.

And finally, I was not surprised when I saw that Tom Hanks was one of the producers of this movie. I associate him with excellence and subtle greatness and this movie is both. Jonze has taken a 40 page picture book and not only brought it to life but taken us further on a beautiful journey.

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Crafting… it’s no longer your grandmother’s hobby. These days it’s all about doing projects that make you feel happy and imaginative. Besides Barnes & Nobles, Michael’s craft store is now my favorite place to spend my money. If you’re not crafting, try it out. Spend an hour in a craft store and find yourself a small project. You may find the painter, wedding cake maker or model plane builder you wanted to be when you were younger, may still exist inside.

I must admit, crafting seemed very “not me” a few years ago. That’s because I’ve always been a guy’s girl. I loved watching football, drinking beer and watching sci-fi – that was that. I’d never stepped foot in a craft store. Then one day I moved across the street from a very ingenious and crafty Gurl. Her own creations were throughout her home. I became super interested in learning how to do these projects myself. I had abandoned my creative side a long time ago and loved that her home was personalized with her own creative expressions. My new friend Raquel taught me how do many of these craft projects and I’ve been hooked ever since. My most favorite being the coffee table I bought from the Salvation Army, restored and decoupaged with a print of my favorite art work. Not only does crafting allow you the opportunity to feel pride in your completed work, it’s also a great way to unwind and spend some quality “me” time.

A few craft projects that might interest you:

  • Small wood projects – wall decorations and keep sake boxes

  • Watercolor and Acrylic Painting

  • Jewelry Making

  • Cake Decoration

  • Scrapbooking

  • Commemorative Shadowboxes

  • Ikebana – Japanese Flower Arrangement

If you’re not crafting… get into it… and if you are crafting, maybe try something new! Send us your pics! Here’s a picture of my table!


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Check out the trailer for the film opening on Christmas Day.

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